Harry Hill, The TV Series, 1997

Simply entitled Harry Hill, during it’s run the series changed it’s title to The All New Harry Hill Show and was often referred to in TV listings magazines as The Harry Hill Show.

The show started life in 1997 on Channel 4.  Commissioned on the back of the success of  the comic’s previous success Fruit Fancies Harry Hill ran for 3 series over 27 episodes on Channel 4 between 1997 and 2000.

After a three year break the show returned to TV screens as The All New Harry Hill Show, this time on ITV.  Here it ran for another series of 6 episodes.  The ITV version was seen as “poor” by fans of the original and despite high viewing figures was cancelled after just one series.


Channel 4

Stand up and sketches including regular features, such as Burt Kwouk performing “Hey Little Hen”, the Badger Parade, Harry reading the news disguised as Zainab Badwi, and occasionally, a tale from Nana Hill, Harry’s eighty two year old nan.  There was also regular performances from Al Murray playing Harry’s older brother Alan.


New features for the revival included “The Hamilton Challenge”, where each week Neil and Christine Hamilton would take on one of a number of different challenges.

“Celebrity hobby that you didn’t know about…. but will in a minute”.  This feature Harry would invite a celebrity on, who would then reveal their secret hobby.

At the and of each episode was the Bouncy Castle, this involved the entire audience coming on stage, and bouncing on a giant bouncy castle.







Harry Hill
Al Murray
Burt Kwouk
Les Dennis


Channel: Channel 4 (1997 – 2000), ITV (2003)
Created By: Harry Hill
Written By: Harry Hill
Original Transmission Dates: 30th May 1997 – 24th April 2000 (Channel 4), 9th February – 16th March 2003 (ITV)

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