Whoops Apocalypse, 1982

A whole host of famous names star in this six part sitcom/satire from the early 1980’s.

Although the series itself only ran through six episodes in 1982, four years later in 1986 the writers reworked the idea. Under the same title and with an almost complete new cast the series found itself adapted into a film.


It’s election year on both sides of the Atlantic and with the world in a state of nuclear unrest, US president Johnny Cyclops finds his current personal ratings are not quite what he might hope for.  Indeed, things are so bad his popularity is likened to a case of rabies.

With his chances of re-election threatened by two major crises – one in Russia and another in the Middle East, action is needed.

Guided by his fanatical security advisor: The Deacon – a man with a personal hotline to God – Cyclops realises there is only one option if he is to save the economic stability of Western civilisation and, more importantly, his job…







President Johnny Cyclops – Barry Morse
The Deacon (Presidential Adviser) – John Barron
Premier Dubienkin – Richard Griffiths
Lacrobat – John Cleese
Prime Minister Kevin Pork – Peter Jones
Shah Mashiq Rassim – Bruce Montague
Jay Garrick (newsreader) – Ed Bishop
British Foreign Secretary – Geoffrey Palmer
British Chancellor of the Exchequer – Richard Davies
Commissar Solzhenitsyn (“No relation”) – Alexei Sayle
Abdab – David Kelly


Channel: ITV
Written By: Andrew Marshall and David Renwick
Produced By: London Weekend Television
Original Transmission Dates: 14th March – 18th April 1982

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