The Prime Minister Lies To The House, Surely Not

As the news continues to focus on Party Gate and whether our Prime Minister may have lied to the House we discovered he’s not the first.

Coming at the end of the second series of Yes Prime Minister an episode entitled “The Tangled Web” deals with a similar problem in what would be the final episode of the original series.


Prime Minister Jim Hacker finds himself in a bit of a pickle when he flatly denies in the House that the government has bugged MP’s telephones.

It turns out the government was bugging MP’s phones and Sir Humphrey was aware of it.

The PM wants Sir Humphrey to back him, but he refuses to participate in a cover-up. The shoe is on the other foot however when Sir Humphrey makes unwise comments to a radio interviewer thinking that the tape recorder has been turned off. The PM agrees to help him, for a price.








Jim Hacker – Paul Eddington
Sir Humphrey Appleby – Nigel Hawthorne
Bernard Woolley – Derek Fowlds


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Anthony Jay and Jonathan Lynn
Original Transmission Date: 28th January 1988

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