Life Without George, 1987

Another one of those sitcoms that despite being popular at the time seems largely forgotten about.

It starred Simon Cadell of Hi-De-Hi fame and ran for three series between 1987 and 1989.  The series has been repeated on what was UK Gold, but does not find it’s way to front of the queue in the regular repeat schedules, nor is there any official DVD release.


The series centres around  a young woman, Jenny Russell and her struggle to adapt to life after being left by her partner George, hence the title.  Moving on Jenny becomes involved in an on-off relationship with a neurotic estate agent Larry Wade.


Unfortunately the credits are the only clips available





Larry Wade- Simon Cadell (Episodes 1-20)
Jenny Russell – Carol Royle (Episodes 1-20)
Mr Chambers – Ronald Fraser (Episodes 1-2,4-20)
Amanda – Rosalind March (Episodes 1-13) Elizabeth Estensen (Episodes 14-20)
Ben – Michael Thomas (Episodes 1-20)
Sammy – Kenny Ireland (Episodes 1-6) Campbell Morrison (Episodes 7,9-20)
Carol – Cheryl Maiker (Episodes 1, 4-20)
Alison – Ann Thornton (Episodes 2,9)
Dolores – Camile Coduri (Episode 4)
Barbara – Susan Crowly (Episode 4)
Alan – Aaran Harris (Episode 4)
David Knight – Harold Innocent (Episodes 10,11)
Gerald – Barry Woolgar (Episode 12, 13)
Josephine – Selina Cadell (Episode 14-20)


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Penny Croft
Written By: Penny Croft and Val Hudson
Original Transmission Dates: 12th March, 1987 – 4th May, 1989

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