Yes Minister, 1980

Yes Minister was a satirical British sitcom that ran on BBC television and radio for three series of seven half hour episodes.

The series was a great success both critically and in it’s popularity (coming sixth in a 2004 Britain’s Best Sitcom).  It won a number of awards, including several BAFTAS.  It is said to have been the favourite television programme of the Prime Minister of the time Margaret Thatcher.

Two years after Yes Minister finished Jim Hacker found himself promoted to Prime Minister and a new series began; Yes Prime Minister.


The principal setting for the show was the private office of a government cabinet minister the Right Hon James Hacker MP (played by Paul Eddington) in the fictional Department for Administrative Affairs.

The show followed Hacker as he struggled to formulate and bring in new legislation or make departmental changes, thwarted at every turn by the British Civil Service.  Particularly his Permanent Secretary Sir Humphrey Appleby (played superbly by Nigel Hawthorne).  Stuck in the middle was Private Secretary Bernard Woolley (played by Derek Fowlds).  Episodes would usually end with Sir Humphrey uttering the words “Yes Minister”










Rgt Hon Jim Hacker MP – Paul Eddington
Sir Humphrey Appleby, Permanent Secretary – Nigel Hawthorne
Bernard Wooley, Private Secretary – Derek Fowlds


Channel: BBC 2
Written By: Antony Jay and Jonathan Lynn
Original Transmission Dates: 25th February 1980 – 23rd December 1982


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