A.J. Wentworth B.A. 1982

Along with Potter, A.J. Wentworth, B.A. was to be Arthur Lowe’s final TV role.  Broadcast in 1982 after the death of it’s star who had passed away on the 15th April of the same year, there was only to be one series.

Set in the 1940’s, the television series was based on the writings of H. F. Ellis and adapted to television by Basil Boothroyd.


Popular but old-fashioned mathematics master A.J. Wentworth attemps and largely fails to keep order among the unruly boys of Form IIIA at Burgrove Preparatory School, in the fictional rural town of Wilminister.

Wentworth is mild-mannered, accident-prone, but shows an unceasing dedication to the school and its reputation.

However he has two major adversaries to deal with: Burgrove’s headmaster, the snobbish Reverend R. G. Saunders (Harry Andrews), better known as ‘Squid’ by the pupils, and the formidable, frequently combative Matron (Marion Mathie Lucia)…









Arthur Lowe – Arthur James Wentworth, BA
Harry Andrews – The Rev. R Gregory Saunders
Marion Mathie – Matron
Deddie Davies – Miss Coombes
Ronnie Stevens – Rawlinson
Michael Bevis – Gilbert
Marcus Evans – Mason
Alistair Callender – Anderson
Stephen Rooney – Atkins
Andrew McDonnell – Etheridge
Michael Underwood – Hillman
Paul Hawkins – Hopgood II
Simon Curry – Otterway
Halil Halil – Sapoulos
Benjamin Taylor – Trench


Channel: ITV
Written By: Basil Boothroyd
Created By: H.F. Ellis
Original Transmission Dates: 12th July – 16th August 1982


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