Will Up Pompeii Feature In BBC’s Landmark Comedy Season?

Way back in March and in various articles since rumours have circulated that perhaps the Frankie Howerd classic Up Pompeii might feature.

Now the season is finally under way details are slightly clearer on what we can expect to see, even if transmission details are a mess.  So what of Up Pompeii?  we’ve searched all over the net and found no details, so we got in touch with Tessa Le Bars who is the msanaging agent for Frankie Howerd’s estate.

She advised us that there had been talk of Up Pompeii, it was felt that they had a good script for UP POMPEII with the twist of using a female for the Lurcio part – ideally they would have liked Miranda.  Tessa went on to tell us that she heard Miranda had not accepted and they could not cast it in time, so the project was dropped.

Our thanks to Tessa Le Bars for her help in clearing up the mystery.  Check out the fascinating interview we did with her earlier this year.


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