About Face, 1989

About Face was a series of standalone sitcoms starring Maureen Lipman.  In total there were 12 episodes broadcast over 2 series of 6 episodes each.

Series one debuted in 1989 with a second series broadcast in 1991.


Each episode has a stand-alone plot with Maureen Lipman playing a different character each time.

At the time Lipman described the women as having “a certain emptiness in their lives”.


This episode was the only one we could find and it’s a full episode.  Entitled The Bag Lady, Maureen Lipman is the sole cast member, it was written by Jack Rosenthal who felt it to be one of his best works.



Only available to view on You Tube.  Click here to view


Maureen Lipman


Channel: ITV
Written By: Various
Produced For ITV By: Central Independent Television
Originally Transmitted: 6th November – 11th December 1989 and 7th January – 11th February 1991


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