The Royal Bodyguard, 2011

This forgotten little gem was to prove that even the best comic talent can’t always hold the audience.

In 2011, following the success of their BBC sitcom The Worst Week of My Life, writers Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni came up with the idea of a Johnny English-type character who had to defend the royal family, but ended up doing so in a Inspector Clouseau fashion.

To this end they decided that the show should be family orientated and at this point David Jason had not been linked to the series.

It was BBC comedy commissioner of the time, Cheryl Taylor who lured Jason to the role, after initially offering him the job of executive producer.

The series became his first sitcom for many years and the first time he had performed his own stunts for several years.  It was also the first time we had seen David Jason do anything for the BBC, since Only Fools And Horses had finished in 2002.

Nine years on and playing a 71 year old former guardsman who is appointed to the prestigious position of royal bodyguard, stretched the viewers imagination and after an impressive opening with 8 million viewers it was savaged by critics and viewing figures began to slump down to 5 million for episode two and falling around the 2 million mark for the remaing episodes.

All told the show lasted just one series of six episodes.


Former guardsmen Captain Guy Hubble, a former guardsmen  has seen action in Cyprus and Northern Ireland, before becoming Head of Security at Buckingham Palace car park.

After saving the Queen’s life in an apparent act of bravery (more by accident than intent) on the day of the State Opening of Parliament, he is appointed as Royal Bodyguard.

The series follows his mis-adventures as he goes about his duty.









David Jason – Guy Hubble
Geoffrey Whitehead – Colonel Dennis Whittington
Tim Bentinck – Sir Edward Hastings
Tim Downie – Yates


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni
Original Transmission Dates: 26th December ,2011 – 30th January, 2012