Barry From Watford

Barry from Watford is the 82 year old , self proclaimed Lifestyle Guru and Motivational Speaker who for many (myself included) became well knownfor his regular appearances on Steve Wright In The Afternoon on BBC Radio 2.

What many people may not know is that Barry from Watford is actually comedian Alex Lowe.

Lowe made his first appearance as Barry on the Iain Lee radio show on the London Talk Radio station LBC in May 2005.  So popular were Barry from Watford’s calls they became a regular feature on Iain Lee’s show.

Such has been the popularity of Barry’s calls on Iain Lee’s radio show, they followed  Iain when he moved to Absolute Radio.  Since 2006, Alex has also put on live performances called ‘Let’s Talk To Barry’, a 50 minute show telling about life in Watford, which also features audio clips from Catherine Tate (who voices Barry’s wife Margeret and Iain Lee.

In May 2009 he made his debut on Radio 2’s Steve Wright In The Afternoon, again such was his popularity he has become a regular guest.

These days Barry from Watford is a regular on the BBC Radio 4 Extra Comedy Club.


Barry talks about life in Watford, what he’s seen on the telly, life with Margeret as only Barry can.







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