The Life Of Riley, 1975

A short lived sitcom starring Bill Maynard, that ran for just one series of seven episodes.

There is quite a tangled back story to this sitcom.  It started life as an un-broadcast pilot entitled Happy Days before making it to a full series of Life Of Riley.  Dspite only lasting one series the idea was picked up again in 1978 as Leave It To Charlie, that ran for four series.


Meet Frank Riley, a widower with an eye for the ladies.  He has a steady job as an Insurance Agent at Lancastrian Insurance, but his world is about to change when his God-fearing, Welsh-speaking son Brian walks back into his life needing a job and a place to stay.

His carefree lifestyle is under threat and his days of debauchery with his lady friend, Ethel, are under scrutiny.


Another one with no clips or official DVD release


Bill Maynard – Frank Riley
Frank Lincoln – Brian Riley
John Comer – George Pollitt


Channel: ITV
Written By: H.V. Kershaw
Original Transmission Dates: 6th January – 17th February 1975



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