Carry On Nurse, 1959

The top grossing film of 1959 in the UK and the second outing for the Carry On team.  Carry On Nurse was based on the play Ring For Catty by Patrick Cargill and Jack Beale.  It’s interesting that the film was also highly successful in the US, where it was reported that it played at some cinemas for three years.  It featured Joan Sims in her first Carry On Appearance and was the first time Leslie Philips uttered that now immortal phrase “Ding Dong”.


Carry On Nurse  caused a national sensation when a  daffodil replaced a thermometer – you know where! The Carry On team have picked up their stethoscopes and bed pans for a strong dose of hospital humour. Hattie Jacques is the infamous matron, doing battle with the patients in the second of the world famous Carry On series.







Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Connor
Charles Hawtry
Shirley Eaton
Joan Sims
Hattie Jacques
Wilfrid Hyde-White
Leslie Phillips
Joan Hickson


Year: 1959
Written by: Norman Hudis
Produced by: Peter Rogers
Directed by: Gerald Thomas


As with all thirty one Carry On Films you can get Carry On Nurse on stand alone DVD or as part of the complete box set.

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