Carry On At Your Convenience

Carry On At Your Convenience, 1971

Carry On At Your Convenience was the 22nd instalment of the popular franchise and seems as relevant 50 years after it’s release as it did back then with it’s themes of industrial unrest.

However the film was the series first box office failure.  Outside of the UK the film was renamed for it’s worldwide distribution to Carry On Round The Bend.  It would be 1976 after several international and TV sales before the film recouped it’s costs.  Box Office failure was blamed on the film’s attempt at exploring the political themes of the trade union movement, crucially portraying the union activists as idle, pedantic buffoons which, apparently, alienated the traditional working-class audience of the series.

Alongside the Carry On regulars Kenneth Cope (Randal and Hopkirk Deceased) makes his first of two appearances.


In bathroom ceramics factory W.C. Boggs & Son, the traditionalist owner W.C. Boggs is having no end of trouble.

Bolshy and lazy union representative Vic Spanner continually stirs up trouble in the works, much to the irritation of his co-workers and management. He calls a strike for almost any minor incident – or because he wants time off to attend a local football match match.

Bridging the gap between workers and management is Sid Plummer the site foreman who shrewdly manages to keep the factory going amid the unrest.









Sid Plummer – Sid James
Beattie Plummer – Hattie Jacques
WC Boggs – Kenneth Williams
Chloe Moore – Joan Sims
Fred Moore – Bill Maynard
Vic Plummer – Kenneth Cope
Myrtle Plummer – Jaki Piper


Written By: Talbot Rothwell
Produced By: Peter Rogers
Directed By: Gerald Thomas
Original UK Release Date: 10th December 1971

Where To Watch

The full Carry On series is available to stream on ITVX/Brit Box UK.  Films are regularly repeated across the ITV network and have been released to DVD.