Steptoe And Son – The Sketches – 1962 – 1978

Everybody remembers the popular TV series, two movies and possibly the radio series, but this collection of sketches often gets passed by.  We’ve covered some before in various posts, but we’ve put them all together for this one.

It’s now over forty years since the last episode was broadcast and these two are as funny now as when they were must see TV

1962 – Christmas Night With The Stars

A short sketch written by Galton and Simpson of which no known copies are thought to exist

1963 – The Royal Variety Performance

Another Galton and Simpson sketch. This one was a live performance featuring our heroes totting outside Buckingham Palace – Surely Not !

An audio recording of this was released as 7′” single



1966 – The Ken Dodd Show

Next stop the year we won the World Cup and an appearance live on stage  on the BBC series The Ken Dodd Show in another sketch written by Galton and Simpson featuring Steptoe and Son on Blackpool beach, with Ken Dodd in the last two minutes as a strange golf professional.



1967 – Christmas Night With The Stars

A filmed sketch this time. for the BBC’s annual Christmas Night with the Stars programme. The black and white film sequence featuring Steptoe and Son, broadcast on 25th December 1967, still exists.










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