All the Carry On regulars are here for perhaps the most memorable of all the Carry On series, if only for that scene with Barbera Windsor and the bra.

Carry On Camping was the seventeenth film in the series.  First released in 1969, it became the most popular film at UK box office for that year, according  to an article “The World’s Top Twenty Films.” published by the Sunday Times on 27th September, 1970).  It was also the first Carry On film this writer saw on TV.


Sid Boggle (Sid James) and his friend Bernie Lugg (Bernard Bresslaw) are partners in a plumbing business.

When they take their girlfriends to the cinema, the girls think they are going to see a ilm about camping, not suspecting that Sid has particular reasoning.  What they don’t tell the girls is that the film is about camping and particuarly a nudist camp called Paradise.  Sid reasons has the idea of the foursome holidaying there, will create a perfect environment for their heretofore chaste girlfriends to relax their strict moral standards.  The girls agree to go camping unaware they are going to Paradise.

In true Carry On style they end up in the wrong place, and meet up with the weirdest bunch of campers you can imagine!  Add to that a bus loads of sex-starved schoolgirls and an invasion of Hippies and you’re in for one of the best Carry On films of the series.







Sid James
Kenneth Williams
Charles Hawtrey
Joan Sims
Terry Scott
Hattie Jacques
Barbara Windsor
Bernard Bresslaw
Peter Butterworth
Dilys Laye


Written By: Talbot Rothwell
Produced By: Peter Rogers
Directed By: Gewrald Thomas
Distributed By: The Rank Organisation
UK Release Date: 29th May 1969


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