Come Spy with Me, 1977

Adapted from Danny La Rue’s Est End Stage show that ran for 14 months over 468 performances in 1966.

Eleven years later the show is adapted for a one off TV movie in which Danny La Rue stars alongside Barbara Windsor as Mavis Apple the elevator girl who’s afraid of heights.


Come Spy With Me is essentially a Spy spoof in which Danny La Rue, stars as a clerk at M16.

Danny finds himself promoted from humble clerk to agent when MI6 learn that Sigmund Fink and his gang knows La Rue and are after a secret formula invented by Professor Von Schlump.

As you’d expect La Rue dons a series of disguises (as a woman, naturally) the story like it’s stage counterpart is accompanied by songs, but you can’t have everything.

In Full




Danny La Rue – Danny
Barbara Windsor – Mavis Apple
Irene Handl – Mother Fink
Alfred Marks – Dr Sigmund Fink
Kenneth Waller – Professor Wolfgang Von Schlump
Patrick Cargill – Gribble


Channel: ITV
Written By: Bryan Blackburn
Originally Transmitted: 11th September 1977

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