Carry On Cruising became the sixth film in the popular series when it hit cinemas in 1962, it was also the first of the series to be filmed in colour.
All the regulars line up for a trip on the high seas, apart from Charles Hawtry (he returned for the next film) and Joan Sims (she took ill shortly before filming commenced and would not return until Carry On Cleo in 1964).
Joan Sims’ part was taken by Dilys Laye, who made her Carry On debut, with just four days’ notice.  Lance Percival does a superb job as ship’s chef but this was his only Carry On appearence.


Welcome aboard The SS Happy Wanderer cruise ship for Captain Crowther’s final voyage.  After this voyage, Crowther hopes to get a job as captain on a transatlantic ship, promising to take many of the crew members with him to the new ship. Starting off from the United Kingdom, the Happy Wanderer calls at unnamed ports in Spain, Italy and North Africa before going home again.

However what Captain Crowther doesn’t bargain for is five of his crew to be replaced at short notice, before a new cruise voyage begins. Not only does he get the five most incompetent crew men ever to sail the seven seas, but the passengers turn out to be a rather strange bunch too and so we set sail for a voyage of chaos and incompeteance, just what you expect from the Carry On Team.



Sid James
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Connor
Liz Fraser
Dilys Laye
Esma Cannon
Lance Percival


Written By: Norman Hudis
Produced By: Peter Rogers
Directed By: Gerald Thomas
Release Date: April 1962

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