Carry On Cowboy – 1965

In the eleventh of the successful film franchise the team turn their attentions to the wild west.  It sees the debut of some more of the better known regulars in Peter Butterworth, who would appear in sixteen films and Bernard Bresslaw who made fourteen appearances in the series.

It is believed to have been the favourite film in the series of both Sid James and Joan Sims.  Carry On Cowboy is the only time Sid James (who was South African by birth) uses an American accent, in all his other TV work and other appearances in the Carry On series he uses a cockney accent.


It’s off to the Wild West, as the Carry On team present their send up of Westerns.

Set in the fictitious town of Stodge City, Sid James is Rumpo Kid, a notorious outlaw who shakes up the town’s sleepy residents.  Kenneth Williams is the puritanical judge, and Jim Dale plays Marshall P Knutt, a hapless plumber mistakenly sent to clean up the town.

Watch out for a priceless performance from Charles Hawtry as Indian Chief – Big Heap.






Main Cast

Sid James
Kenneth Williams
Jim Dale
Charles Hawtrey
Joan Sims
Angela Douglas


Produced By: Peter Rogers
Directed By: Gerald Thomas
Written By: Talbot Rothwell
Original Release Date: November 1965


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