Chalk And Cheese, 1979

Chalk and Cheese was a short lived sitcom made by ITV and staring Michael Crawford and Robin Hawdon.

The idea for the series came from a one off comedy also screened in 1977 called: Spasms.   This one off was re-made two years later as episode one of Chalk and Cheese with only Robin Hawdon remaining from the original cast.

Chalk and Cheese was made by Thames Television, riding on the back of the success Michael Crawford had enjoyed playing Frank Spencer in the BBC’s hugely popular Some Mother’s Do ‘Ave ‘Em.

Crawford was eager not to be typecast and the character he played here was considerably different to that of Frank.  However audiences did not take to the series, and it was cancelled after only one series of six episodes, never to be repeated.


Michael Crawford stars as Dave Finn, a scruffy, sexist and outspoken Cockney who lives in an otherwise genteel, well-to-do street, much to the annoyance of his neighbours. Robin Hawdon stars alongside as Roger Scott, Finn’s adjoining neighbour, a high-flying marketing executive and very much the polar opposite of Finn.









Michael Crawford – Dave Finn
Robin Hawdon – Roger Scott
Gilian Martell – Rose Finn
Julia Goodman – Amanda Scott


Channel: ITV
Created By: Alex Shearer
Produced By: Thames Television
Original Transmission Dates: 2nd April – 14th May 1979

Where To Watch

Chalk and Cheese can be found on You Tube, no official DVD release exists and it’s not currently available on streaming services.




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