Cilla’s Comedy Six, 1975

Proving why she was one of the greatest and best loved female entertainers, Cilla Black dipped her toe into the world of comedy in 1975 for a six part series of one off half hour sitcom plays.

The series came about when Cilla’s natural comic timing and her ability to deliver a line with great comic effect was used to great effect in her BBC TV show ‘Cilla’.  This caught the attention of executives at the rival ITV company, Associated Television (ATV).  They managed to persuade Cilla to take a break from her BBC shows to make the series.

When the series proved a huge success it lead to the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain naming Cilla Black as Britain’s Top Female Comedy Star.  With that accolade and healthy viewing figures it was not long before ATV were commissioned to film another six part series, this became known as Cilla’s World Of Comedy.


In a similar vane to Ronnie Barker’s Seven Of One, Cilla Black dips her toe into the world of sitcom, each week playing a different character in six one off comedy plays.








Cilla Black


Channel: ITV
Written By: Ronnie Taylor
Produced By: ATV for ITV Network
Les Chatfield – producer (6 episodes, 1975)
Vic Lewis – executive producer (6 episodes, 1975)
Bobby Willis – executive producer (6 episodes, 1975)
Original Transmission Dates: 15th January – 19th February 1975