Confessions Of A Driving Instructor

Confessions Of A Driving Instructor, 1976

The third instalment of the popular franchise sees Timothy Lea join a driving school.

All the regular cast pop up for 90 minutes of mis-adventures.


Timothy Lea joins his brother-in-law’s driving school.  It’s not long before they are competing with a rival Driving School and Timothy , once again, finds himself involved in erotic adventures with his clients, secretary and landlady.

Timothy’s clients are a mix of the inept and the dangerous and, as you’d expect the usual, mayhem ensues.

When a rugby match is organised between the two schools,  one of the rival school’s instructors unknowingly swallows a powerful aphrodisiac and rampages around the field, an event that leads to the climactic car chase.










Robin Askwith – Timothy Lea
Anthony Booth – Sidney Noggett
Bill Maynard – Walter Lea
Doris Hare – Mrs Lea
Sheila White – Rose Noggett
Windsor Davies – Mr Truiscott
Liz Fraser – Mrs Chalmers
Irene Handl – Miss Slenderparts
George Layton – Tony Bender


Based On The Novel By: Christopher Wood
Screenplay: Christopher Wood
Original UK Release Date: 12th September 1976