Dad’s Army, Man Of Action, 1974

As the country comes out of lockdown 2 into strict tiers it reminded us here of an episode of Dad’s Army.

Man Of Action was the second episode in series seven of the clasic sitcom and see’s Captain Mainwaring introduce martial law on the people of Walmington On Sea.


When a parachute mine drops on the Walmington chaos ensues.  As well as ripping up 100 yards of rail track it cuts off the town’s gas and water supply, it’s even managed to bring down th telephone wires.

The town has been effectively cut off and just to add to the problems Pike has got his had stuck in the railings.  This calls for a Man of action, enter Captain Mainwaring.

An emergency meeting is caled by the vicar to discus the situation with the town elders.  When Mainwaring realises the bickering commitee are getting nowhere he orders his men to fix bayonets as he puts the town under martial law.







Arthur Lowe
John Le Messurier
Clive Dunn
Ian Lavender
John Laurie
Arnold Ridley
Bill Pertwee
Frank Williams
Edward Sinclair


Channel: BBC1
Written By: David Croft and Jimmy Perry
Original Transmission Date: 22nd November 1974



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