Terry and June – 1979

The follow up to Happy Ever After, Terry and June ran for sixty five episodes over nine series.

The show was generally regarded by critics as a” bland middle-class sitcom”, however,  it was a great favourite with viewers, and achieved viewing figures three times those of any of the ‘alternative’ comedies of the era.

For Terry and June the Fletchers become the Medfords.

In 2004, it came 73rd in a poll to find Britain’s Best Sitcom, jointly with Happy Ever After.



Terry and June Medford are a middle-class couple who live at  71, Popular Avenue in Purley, Surrey.

In their late 40s and have a daughter Wendy, who is married to Roger; both are rarely seen.  There are occasional visits from Terry’s nephew, Alan Medford whose visits usually cause some form of trouble.

The show revolves around their day o day lives as Terry’s various  plans and schemes usually end in disaster. June, whilst very patient of Terry, is usually doubtful about his ideas.











Channel: BBC1
Written by: John Kane (there were 7 other writers involved in occasional episodes)
Original Transmission Dates: 24 thOctober 1979 – 31st August 1987


  • Terry Scott- Terence ‘Terry’ Medford
  • June Whitfield – June Medford
  • Reginald Marsh- Sir Dennis Hodge
  • Terence Alexander – Malcolm Harris (series 1 and 2)
  • Tim Barrett – Malcolm Harris (1980 Special to series 7)
  • John Quayle – Malcolm Harris (series 8 and 9)
  • Rosemary Frankau – Beattie Harris
  • Joanna Henderson – Miss Nora Fennell (series 3 to 5; 8 to 9)

Spin Offs

The BBC planned a feature length film Terry and June the Movie but nothing ever came of it.

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