Fingerbobs – 1972

Here’s a chance to chuckle, cringe and relive your youth, as we take a look at a cult kids TV classic Fingerbobs.

Many of these old kids TV shows illustrate how easily pleased we were as kids, no special effects, surround sound, just simple TV that creates as much interest today as it did when we when we were younger.

Fingerbobs was the BBC kids’ show that ran for thirteen episodes in 1972.  It would go out around lunch time as part of the legendary Watch With Mother.

By the end of the series presenter Yoffy was so sick of making the show, he destroyed the finger puppets whilst the camera was still rolling.

The show made a return in 1985 as Fingermouse, telling stories about the mouse using musical instruments


The show was presented by mime artist ‘Yoffy” and each show would last around ten minutes.

Each show would tell a story revolving around a paper finger puppet animal, and usually involved collecting various items (such as pebbles or feathers) to make up another object at the end.







– Rick Jones as Yoffy


– Fingermouse – a mouse, consisting of a grey paper cone head with paper ears and whiskers with a grey glove for the body (“Fingermouse, Fingermouse/I am a sort of wondermouse”).
– Gulliver – a seagull made from a white ping-pong ball (head) placed over a thumb and white gloves forming the body with outstretched fingers as the wings. (“I spread my wings.”)
– Scampi – several scampi were made using purple gloves with red heads on each finger.
– Flash – a tortoise, made rom a paper shell.
– Enoch – the woodpecker
– Scardey – the crow
– Louise – the squirrel
– Prickly Friend – the hedgehog
– Gloria – a white mouse who appeared on the final edition as Fingermouse’s girlfriend.


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Joanne and Michael Cole
Original Transmission Dates: 14th February 1972 – 15th May 1972


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