L For Lester, 1982

L For Lester was a 6 part sitcom starring Brian Murphy.

Following the sudden death of Yootha Joyce in 1980, popular sitcom George and Mildred came to an end.  “L For Lester” was intended as a new venture for Brian Murphy, sadly it only lasted 6 episodes.


Lester Small is a driving instructor with quite a reputation.  Unfortunately for both his long suffering wife (Amanda Barrie) and secretary (Linda Robson) it’s the wrong kind of reputation.  You see Lester seems to specialise in taking on clients that cause havoc and mayhem whenever they are on the road.

His most consistent pupil is the hapless Mrs Davies, who usually drives into a perilous situation in each episode where Lester’s car is usually either badly damaged or destroyed in the process.

None of these antics ingratiate Lester to either the local police chief (with whom he has a long standing feud), or with his bank manager – from whom he keeps having to borrow more money to repair or replace the damaged vehicles.  They also put a strain on his long suffering wife Sally and secretary Jennie.






If that’s wetted your appetite you can watch the series in full here


Brain Murphy – Lester Small
Amanda Barrie – Sally Small
Linda Robson – Jennie
Hilda Braid – Mrs Davies


Channel: BBC2
Written And Created By: Dudley Long
Original Transmission Dates: 8th October – 12th November 1982

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