Further Up Pompeii, 1975

Further Up Pompeii was a one off Television Special.

Made by the BBC it followed on from the two highly successful TV series of the same name that had ended five years previously.


Lurcio struggles to cope with one of the Mistress’s orgies, love potions, sleeping draughts, and more romantic woes from Nausius.


Ending The Original TV Series



Going Further Up Pompeii




Frankie Howerd – Lurcio
Elizabeth Larner – Ammonia
Kerry Gardner – Nausius
Jeanne Mockford  – Senna the Soothsayer
Anita Richardson – Roman Maiden
Mark Dignam – Ludicrus Sextus
John Cater – Pollux
Leon Greene  – Prodigius
Olwen Griffiths – Hernia
Jennifer Lonsdale – Erotica
Cyril Appleton – Claudius
Lindsay Duncan – Scrubba
Vaune Craig-Raymond – Roman Maiden


Channel: BBC1
Written By: Talbot Rothwell
Produced By: David Croft
Original Transmission Date: 31st March 1975



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