Playschool, 1964

Play School was a British children’s television series aimed at preschool children.  It ran from 1964 until 1988.

The series originally appeared on weekdays at 11 am on BBC2 and received Holiday runs on BBC1 in Summer 1964 and 1965.

In later years thev series acquired a mid-afternoon BBC1 repeat as the opening program of BBC1’s teatime children’s schedule.

The morning showing was transferred to BBC1 in September 1983 when BBC Schools programming transferred to BBC2. It remained in that slot even after daytime television was launched in October 1986 and continued to be broadcast at that time until it was superseded in October 1988 by Playbus.


Each program followed a broad theme that consisted of songs, stories and activities with presenters in the studio, along with a short film introduced through either the square, round or arched window in the set.







Various, including:
Brian Cant
Johnny Ball
Derek Griffiths
Chloe Ashcroft
Floella Benjamin

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