Galton And Simpson’s Impasse, 1963

Following on from the success of Hancock’s Half hour came an idea presented to the two writers by then head of BBC Comedy: Tom Sloan. Comedy Playhouse.  A series of of stand alone one off comedies

Impasse was the third episode from series two.  Broadcast under the umbrella title Galton And Simpson’s Comedy Playhouse as the duo wrote all episodes for the first two series.


Two drivers, one in a Bentley the other in a small, rundown car, meet each other halfway down a narrow country lane.

Both refuse to give way, and the situation becomes worse when both the AA and RAC arrive and begin to defend their respective members.

“Impasse” was remade as the Pride segment in the anthology film The Magnificent Seven Deadly Sins and again for Paul Merton In Galton & Simpson’s… in 1996.







Bernard Cribbins – Mr Spooner
Yootha Joyce – Mrs Spooner
Leslie Phillips – Mr Ferris
Georgina Cookson – Mrs Ferris
Harry Locke – AA man
Duncan Macrae – RAC man
Campbell Singer – Police Constable.


Channel: BBC
Written By: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson
Original Transmission Date: 15th March 1963

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