Heads And Tails, 1977

Heads And Tails was a BBC Kids TV programme written and produced by Michael Cole who enjoyed success in the 1970’s and later in the 1990’s with a number of Kids TV shows he created.

Presented s part of the BBC’s See-Saw slot usually around 1.45pm after the lunchtime news, the 15 minute programme designed for pre-school children, ran for 13 episodes over 2 series one in 1977 and one in 1979.

The show featured music and voices provided by Derek Griffiths, who had previously worked alongside Michael Cole on two other kids classics Playschool and Bod.

The two would collaborate again in 1980 on a spin off LP of the same name with songs written by Cole and sung by Griffiths.


Each 15 minute show featured archive and specially shot footage of domestic and wild animals.

In a similar style to that other Kids favourite Animal Magic, the narration was interspersed with comical conversations between animals and songs, often referring to certain animal characteristics in humorous ways.






Narration and Voices

Derek Griffiths


Channel: BBC1
Written, Created and Produced By: Michael Cole
Original Transmission Dates: 15th February 1977 – 29th June 1979

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