Hickory House, 1973

Hickory House was one of those pre-school kids shows that would air on ITV on a weekday lunchtime.  One hundred and twenty nine episodes were broadcast over five series, between 1973 and 1977.

Surprisingly for a pre-1974 TV programme all the episodes remain in the archive.  However to date there has been no DVD release.

The puppets used in the show were created by Barry Smith’s Theatre of Puppets.


Each programme was usually hosted by a pair of presenters, most often including Alan Rothwell.

The setting was a normal house, but in Hickory House household objects come to life through puppetry.

The puppet characters included Humphrey Cushion (a sleepy grey cushion with a fondness for bananas), Dusty Mop (a bad-tempered mop with a long red nose) and the Handle Family.






Presented By

Alan Rothwell
Nicolette Chaffey
Louise Hall-Taylor
Amanda Barrie
Julia North

Puppet Voices

Barry Smith


Channel: ITV
Production Company: Granada TV
Original Transmission Dates: 12th March 1973 – 1st July 1977


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