Emu’s Broadcasting Company 1975 – 1980

Emu is perhaps best remembered for his appearance on Parkinson and various Kids TV shows such as Emu’s World, but by far the best of Rod Hull’s work was the BBC TV kids show Emu’s Broadcasting Company for which he attained his highest ever TV audience of  11 million.


Each week BBC1 would be turned over to EBC1 as Emu’s Broadcasting Company took to the airwaves.  Hosted by Rod Hull and Emu, the show was a send up of a TV Station.  It had it’s own sketches, adverts for Scunge Chocolates and weather reports- “weather, weather, all together what’s it going to do ?  for a report let’s join our weather man Emu” (or words to that effect).  Perhaps the funniest part of the show was the interaction of the host and the technician, played by Billy Dainty.







Rod Hull and Emu
Billy Dainty
Barbara New

Originally Broadcast: 1975 – 1980

As far as we are aware there are no DVD or other releases of the program.

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