How!, 1966

How! was the long running kids TV series that ran for seventeen series over two hundred and fifty episodes.

Despite becoming a kids classic it might surprise readers to know that How did not start out as a kids show.

Back in 1966 the show was devised for an audience of adults returning from the pub. It’s aim was to present facts and demonstrations that could settle arguments or be used as tricks to impress felow pub goers.

A one-off pilot episode was broadcast at 11.15pm on 22 March 1966, to viewers in the Southern Television area only. Following the pilot, the show’s creator Jack Hargreaves felt the show might work better in an afternoon slot, aimed at making facts fun for children.  So in April 1966, Southern began live transmission of the first program in the new series of How!.  It soon proved so popular it got two slots per week and was extended to cover the entire ITV network.

How! continued in a similar format for the next 15 years, before coming to an end in 191 when Southern Television lost it’s franchise.  However the series was resurrected in 1990 as How 2.


Each show would begin with the presenters all raising one hand and saying “How” simultaneously (like the Red Indian greeting).

Presenters would provide practical demonstrations and answers to questions beginning with the word “How”.  Topics commonly covered included science, history, mathematics and simple puzzles.







Jack Hargreaves (1966 -81)
Fred Dineage (1966 – 81)
Jon Miller (1966 -81)
Bunty James (1966 – 69 and 1970 -76)
Dr Tom Gaskell (1969)
Jill Graham (1969 – 70)
Marian Davies (1977 – 81)


Channel: ITV
Created By: Jack Hagreaves
Produced By: Southern Television
Original Transmision Dates: 22nd March 1966 (pilot), 25th April 1966 -19th August 1981

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