Most Sincerely, 2008

Shown on BBC 4 as part of their 2008 curse of comedy season, this was perhaps the odd one out in the series.  Frankie Howerd, Steptoe and Hancock all had comedy connections. where as Hughie Green, whilst a top presenter didn’t seem to have any comedy connections.


Most Sincerely tells the story of the complicated life of Hughie Green, who in 1934, as a nervous 14 year old performer in his native Canada, finds himself pushed on stage.

Twenty four years on and Hughie Green is one of the biggest names in British television as the quiz-master of the popular game show ‘Double Your Money’.  Whilst touring the popular game show Green meets a former show business acquaintance: Jess Yates, who now runs a hotel with his young wife Elaine.  Green stays with them.

For the next decade and a half Hughie Green is one of the top names in British light entertainment, hosting a talent contest ‘Opportunity Knocks’. His catch-phrase is “I mean that most sincerely” and he is shown to have a genuine loyalty to his audience and his staff.  However behind the scenes things are quite different.  Hughie Green is a serial womaniser who frequently indulged in dressing room sex sessions with adoring female fans.  Eventually his wife leaves him taking their son and daughter.

Green’s old aquaintence, Jess Yates re-enters television, initially he hosts  a religious programme called ‘Stars On Sunday’, earning him the nick-name of The Bishop.  It’s not long before his next job finds him becoming Hughie’s producer and the two men clash.  However, Hughie knows something that Jess does not – he and not Jess is the father of Elaine’s child, Paula.





Trevor Eve – Hughie Green
Jack Armstrong – Young Hughie
Ian Cairns – Major Green
Victoria Pugh – Young Housewife
Mared Swain – Female Fan
Mark Benton – Jess Yates
Emma Stansfield – Elaine Yates
Christopher Gillman-Wells  – Young Christopher
Megan Convery – Young Linda
Kim Thomson – Claire Green
Nick Dunning – Vic Hallums
Vicky Ogden – Ordinary Housewife
George Potts – Male Contestant
Kate Williams – Mrs Carr
Danny Webb – Noel Botham


Channel: BBC4
Written By: Tony Basgallop, Christopher Green  and Carol Clerk
Original Transmission Date: 2nd April 2008


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