February 5th is not that long away before the general public get to see the highly anticipated Dad’s Army re-make.  January 26th was red carpet night as the film got the traditional West End premiere.  The papers have given mixed responses, although none have panned it.  The big question seems to be why re-make a classic?

We think the answer is rather obvious, TV companies are falling over themselves to create the next big sitcom, but efforts either fall short of expectations or are too short lived to satisfy viewer demand.

Look at Mrs Brown’s Boys, took a break to make a movie, now scheduled for a live episode in June and Christmas specials.  Who wouldn’t want to see a full new series?

In the absence of the next big thing you go back to the classics and try to bring them to a whole new audience.  Remember to those of us lucky enough to remember the originals these are re-makes, to younger viewers it’s all new.



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