Is It Legal? 1995

Award winning comedy from the writer of Men Behaving Badly and Hardware, Is it Legal? ran for three series (twenty one episodes) between 1995 and 1998.

Is It Legal? was initially screened on ITV for it’s first two series, before moving to Channel 4 for it’s third.  The show won the 1996 British Comedy Award for “Best ITV Sitcom”


Newly-qualified solicitor Colin Lotus enters the legal profession all fired up with idealism and a genuine desire to help people.

However, things hardly get off to a flying start for the enthusiastic rookie .  Having accidentally killed his first client, Colin’s legal career then takes a decidedly shambolic turn, not that it matters.  In the company of dozy office boy Darren, skill-free secretary Alison, permanently infatuated clerk Bob and golf-obsessed, sherry-soaked senior partner Dick, his conduct is hardly going to be noticed.







Richard Lumsden – Colin Lotus
Jeremy Clyde – Dick Spackman (series 1&2)
Imelda Staunton – Stella Phelps
Patrick Barlow – Bob Birch
Kate Isitt – Alison
Matthew Ashforde – Darren
Nicole Arumugam – Sarah Chivers


Channel: ITV (series 1&2), Channel 4 (series 3)
Written By: Simon Nye
Original Transmission Dates: 12th September 1995 – 9th December 1998

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