Next Of Kin, 1995

Next Of Kin is an often forgotten BBC sitcom.  Running for three series over twenty two episodes it would be acting legend Penelope Keith’s last regular sitcom role.

When, in 1997, the show was axed Penelope Keith was said to have been furious.


Well-to-do couple Maggie and Andrew Prentice are forced to abandon their dreams of early retirement in France after they reluctantly become guardians of their orphaned grandchildren, after the death of their estranged son.

The children are hostile, peculiar eaters and Maggie resentful of the change in plans. Liz is the somewhat helpful housekeeper.

Strange idea for a sitcom but it works.








Penelope Keith – Maggie Prentice
William Gaunt – Andrew Prentice
Ann Gosling – Georgia Prentice
Matthew Clarke – Philip Prentice
Jamie Lucraft – Jake Prentice
Tracie Bennett – Liz


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Gavin Petrie
Written By: Gavin Petrie and Jan Etherington
Original Transmission Dates: 15th May 1995 – 20th February 1997

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