Is There Life In Those Old Shows?

Part 3 –  Are You Being Served?

In viewof the success of  UKTV’s re-makes of the three missing Dad’s Army Episodes, we’re asking is there still life in the old shows, or should they be just that – Still Life?

When we started looking at this we had in mind a number of shows but everywhere you look they are re-making old shows.  The other day someone pointed out a re-make of the old Mr Magoo cartoons, sorry but the originals are far superior.

For this post we are going to look at perhaps one of TV’s most controversial sitcoms: Are You Being Served?  noted for it’s double entendres and pussy jokes, Are You Being Served was a huge hit for thirteen years.  Unlike many other shows of the era all episodes exist the archives.

Clearly in 2016 attitudes had changed, most of the original cast had passed on as had the writers.  So it seemed bizarre to consider a re-boot.  There were those who hoped a new series would emerge off the back of what many saw as potential pilot for a re-boot.  Critics were not kind to the one off tribute.  The Sun newspaper reported fans of the original taking to social media branding it “an epic fail”, whilst another said they felt like asking for their license fee back.

In our opinion it was a brave move, even as a tribute to revive Are You Being Served?  Everything worked with the original but people’s attitudes have changed.  It might have been interesting to see the viewers react to an original episode, not to mention the money the BBC would have saved.

Over to you…