ITV’s New Streaming Service Has Arrived

ITV’s much heralded new replacement for ITV Hub has arrived.  ITVX has launched early today.

Going to the free version we took a look at the comedy section and can see potential as there wasn’t much there but it’s only early days.

Classics currently on ITVX include:






Series 5 only


You are invited to upgrade to premium same cost and including Britbox we’ll see how it goes.  However as you get both for the same price premium is likely to go down very well.

To both services we have complained many times there’s a lot of comedy not shown on TV for years not even on DVD, then there’s the comedy that people are afraid may cause offence.

Perhaps they could stream this



Streaming services are clearly the future and so if your paying you can read the description and watch something else if your offended.

ITVX is available now.