Ludwig, 1977

A forgotten kids cartoon from the 1970’s.

Ludwig was a surreal 1977 British-made children’s cartoon about a magical egg-shaped gemstone who lived in a forest.

There were twenty five episodes made in 1977 each running to five minutes.

The character gets his name from composer Ludwig van Beethoven whose music is played in the background.

The birdwatcher is the only character that speaks, effectively acting as the narrator.


Ludwig, is a mysterious mischievous being shaped like an egg, with a love of classical music.

Landing in the woods he contrives situations for it’s animal inhabitants, watches how they get on and then sorts out the mess he has caused.

However they are being watched by a human birdwatcher who has a deerstalker hat and large binoculars.

At the end of every episode Ludwig played the final movement of Beethoven’s first symphony through the credits.









Jon Glover – The Birdwatcher


Channel: BBC1
Produced By: Mirek and Peter Lang
Artwork: Peter Lang
Stories By:
Mirek Lang
Peter Lang
Jane Tann
Susan Kodicek.
Originally Transmitted: 1977




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