Boogie Boogie – It’s Metal Mickey

Metal Mickey 1980

Metal Mickey was a five-foot-tall fictional robot, that was created, controlled and voiced by Johnny Edward.  It was a modernised vision of a 1950’s space toy.

Metal Mickey first appeared on British television in the ITV children’s magazine show The Saturday Banana, produced by Southern Television in 1978.

Comedy producer and executive Humphrey Barclay later saw Metal Mickey on kid’s TV show “Jim’ll Fix It”.  Watching the children chatting in the marketplace with the friendly robot, gave him the idea for a television show featuring the robot.

Within a month the pilot had been video-taped and shortly after this the series went live with its first six episodes.  Forty one episodes were made in total, broadcast over three separate seasons between September 1980 and January 1983.

At it’s peak the show attracted viewing figures of around 12 million.

Former Monkee Micky Dolenz produced the entire series and directed some of the early episodes.  The show itself was made by London Weekend Television for ITV.


The show was set in the home of an ordinary British family, whose youngest child was a science boffin, who had created Metal Mickey to help around the home. The family consisted of a Mother and Father, three children and a Grandmother.

The series follows family life with their technical addition.











Michael Stainton – Father
Georgina Melville – Mother
Ashley Knight – Ken
Lucinda Bateson – Haley
Lola Young – Janey
Gary Shail – Steve
Metal Mickey – Himself
Irene Handl – Granny


Channel: ITV
Written By: Colin Bostock-Smith
Produced By: Micky Dolenz
Directed By: Micky Dolenz, David Crossman, Nic Phillips
Originally Broadcast: 6th September 1980 – 15th January 1983, Saturday Afternoons at 5.15pm