The Paul Daniels Magic Show, 1979 – 1994

Paul Daniels was a great entertainer who brought magic to millions alongside his own unique brand of humour.  Today we look back at the show that made him a household name.

During it’s 1980’s heyday this show was one of the highest rated shows on TV.  After regular appearances on the The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club and a BBC show “For My Next Trick”, which he appeared with other magicians and singer Faith Brown, Paul Daniels got his own show in 1979.

The series ran for fifteen series, and eighteen specials.  A mammoth one hundred and twenty regular episodes were made.  By the 1990’s television was changing and the appeal of the magic show was dwindling and so the 1994 series would be his last.


Regular shows were generally 60 minutes duration.   Daniels had a rather humorous way of presenting, that was well liked by his audience.

As well as featuring tricks and illusions for pure entertainment, shows also included a regular segment (the “Bunko Booth”) in which he exposed the confidence tricks of street charlatans.  He also replicated the kind of results that have impressed researchers of the paranormal and parapsychologists in a segment called Under Laboratory Conditions, thereby demonstrating his skepticism about claims made in these fields.









Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee


Channel: BBC1
Written By
Barry Murray         (31 episodes, 1979-1994)

Graham Reed         (31 episodes, 1979-1994)
Gil Leaney         (29 episodes, 1979-1994)
Ali Bongo         (27 episodes, 1979-1994)
Gil Leaney         (2 episodes, 1979-1984)
Original Transmission Dates: 9th June 1979 – 18th June 1994


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