Michael Bentine’s Potty Time, 1973

Originally the fourth member of the Goons, Michael Bentine popped up on children’s television in the early 1970’s with this wacky show.

The show was screened on ITV and ran for seven years between 1973 to 1980.   Although it’s ben difficult to pin down we believe that during this time 7 series running to 78 episodes were screened.

Potty Time referred to the stars of the show – Potties, that were distinctive, bearded puppets, with faces obscured by facial hair, with only their noses protruding.

Operated from beneath, they had two distinct sizes – approximately two feet (60cm) and one foot (30cm) tall.  Michael Bentine designed all of the Potty characters and also provided all of their voices.


The episodes would largely feature the Potties re-enacting famous historical situations.








Michael Bentine


Channel: ITV
Written By: Michael Bentine
Produced By: Thames Television for ITV
Original Transmission Dates: 1973 – 1980

Where To Watch

Selected episodes can be found on You Tube.  Not yet available on major streaming services.  Series 1 – 4 are available on DVD from Network 


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