Absolute Power, The TV Series, 2003

Originally a BBC Radio series, Absolute Power made it’s way to television in 2003.  Unlike many shows that have been broadcast across both formats Absolute Power on TV was not based on it’s radio counterpart.

There were two series of six episodes broadcast in 2003 and 2005.


Set in the cynical world of public relations – where truth is an optional extra and no job is too grubby, so long as it pays well…

Stephen Fry and John Bird star as Charles Prentiss and Martin McCabe – spinmeisters supreme who run their own top London PR consultancy: Prentiss McCabe.







Stephen Fry
John Bird
James Lance
Zoe Telford
Sally Bretton
Nick Burns


Channel: BBC Two
Written By:
Guy Andrews
Mark Lawson
Andrew Rattenbury
Original Transmission Dates:
Series 1: 10th November – 15th December 2003
Series 2: 21st July – 25th August 2005

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