Minder – The Dennis Waterman Years – 1979 – 1985 and 1988 – 1989

Originally intended as a vehicle for Dennis Waterman, it also made George Cole’s Arthur Daley one of the all time great comedy characters.

Minder was the Comedy Drama series focussing on the relationship between a dodgy wheeler dealer and his reluctant Minder.  The part of Terry Mc Cann was especially written for Dennis Waterman who had previously starred in The Sweeney.

After the pilot – Gunfight At The OK Launderette, the first series was commissioned, like Fools and Horses it was not an overnight success.  ITV had ben off air due to strikes for sometime and was only just beginning to find it’s audience again.  It was almost axed, but for a plea from Thames TV’s Managing Director Bryan Cowgill who persuaded other board members to commission a second series and repeat the first.  The result – success, Minder became a ratings hit and a jewel in the crown for ITV.

The series ran for six years, before rumours of Waterman’s desire to move on began to appear and the show took a break.

Waterman returned for two specials Minder On The Orient Express (1985) and An Officer And A Car Salesman (1987) leading to a final series in 1988.

The program would return but with a new Minder for Arthur Daley.


The series focused on the antics of Terry Mc Cann a likeable ex-con and boxer who after serving time becomes Arthur Daley’s Minder.

This is a job that has vague terms and pay rates.  Terry finds himself in scrape after scrape as a result of Arthur’s dodgy dealings and becomes noticeably annoyed when these schemes appear to threaten his liberty.

Both Terry and Arthur are the constant focus of certain police officers (Mr Chisholm and Mr Rycott) who are both hell bent on arresting either or both for anything.  Terry and Arthur  are often helped along the way by the barman at the Winchester Club -Dave.









Terry Mc Cann – Dennis Waterman
Arthur Daley – George Cole
Dave – Glynn Edwards


Channel: ITV
Created By: Leon Griffiths
Produced by: Euston Films and Thames Television
Broadcast: 1979 – 1980, 1982 – 1985 and 1988 – 1989


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