Harvest Festival, Comedy Style , Part 1

Minder, Give Us This Day Arthur Daley’s Bread, 1985

This year marks 180 years since the beginnings of the modern Harvest Festival so we thought we’d look back at some Harvest Festival themed comedy.

In the first of 3 posts we go back 38 years to the episode that kicked off Minder’s sixth series “Give Us This Day Arthur Daley’s Bread”

In this episode our Harvest Festival theme is an inner city Harvest Festival.  Watch out for a guest appearance from Norman Eshley (Jeffrey Fourmile in George and Mildred).


When Arthur Daley meets a philanthropic vicar who runs a social club for ex-convicts he immediately draws up a plan to recruit them as cheap labour for his new landscape gardening business.

Alas, they are not only incompetent but they are also robbing local houses, hiding the loot at the church unbeknown to a trusting Vicar who thinks they have been colecting things for his Inner City Harvest Festival.

When Chisholm becomes suspicious, Arthur and Terry have to think fast.






Arthur Daley – George Cole
Terry McCann – Dennis Waterman
Dave – Glynn Edwards
Inspector Chisholm – Patrick Malahide
Reverend Redwood – Norman Eshley


Channel: ITV
Episode Written By: Andrew Payne
Originally Transmitted: 4th September 1985

Where To Watch

All episodes of Minder are available to stream on Brit box Uk/ITVX.  Selected episodes available on You Tube