Miss Jones And Son, 1977

Miss Jones and Son came from the ITV stable back when they produced proper Telly.  It ran for two series totaling twelve episodes.

It was notable for being the first British sitcom to depict a single mother.


In series one we are introduced to the complicated life of Elizabeth Jones, a young woman who is coming to terms with the responsibility of having to look after her baby alone at a time when single mothers faced widespread prejudice.

Sympathy and emotional support come from next-door-neighbour and friend Geoffrey.  However every step brings fresh difficulties for Elizabeth – including the reproaches of her parents, a radically curtailed social life, and a much-reduced income.

By the second series Elizabeth says goodbye to friend and former neighbour Geoffrey, as new tenant David Laurence – a thirty-something widower – takes on the empty flat.

Elizabeth takes an instant liking to her new neighbour, but the necessities of making ends meet threaten to sabotage the budding relationship; the moneymaking schemes that Elizabeth and her equally cash-strapped friend Rose try to implement include setting up a crèche in Liz’s flat, leaving David noticeably unimpressed.







Paula Wilcox
Christopher Beeny


Channel: ITV
Written By: Richard Waring
Original Transmission Dates: 18th April 1977 – 13th February 1978


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