Men Behaving Badly – Series 1, 1992

There’s a purely selfish reason for breaking Men Behaving Badly into three parts.  Mainly that I personally liked series one better, the humour was more subtle and Harry Enfield plays it brilliantly.

Second is that series one and two (series two featuring Neil Morrissey) were both made by ITV (yes, ITV, I’d always thought it was BBC) and were very different to what followed on the BBC.

Men Behaving Badly was the brainchild of writer Simon Nye and is based on his 1989 book of the same title.

It was veteran and legendary TV producer: Beryl Vertue who brought the series to TV.  She came across the novel, and after reading it she tracked down it’s writer Simon Nye.  She believed the material in the book was suitable for television adaptation.

Harry Enfield was first to be cast, and it is claimed that he persuaded Martin Clunes to join the show.

By the end of the first series, Enfield felt out of place in the sitcom and decided to quit. It has also been reported that Enfield has claimed he felt “uncomfortable'” in the program, and left stating that a “proper actor” would do the job far better.

Simon Nye has stated that ITV picked up the series partly because Enfield had agreed to star in it, and believed it was his departure that influenced ITV’s decision to cancel the show after just two series,


Gary and Dermot are two flatmates.  In the flat above lives Deborah, an attractive blonde girl.  The action revolves around the pair’s desperate attempts to impress Deborah and to get her into bed.

The results are hilarious as the two friends become involved in a game of one up man.  There’s only one problem, Garry already has a girlfriend – Dorothy, who’s less than impressed by his behaviour and delights at putting him down.







Martin Clunes – Garry
Harry Enfield – Dermot
Caroline Quentin – Dorothy
Leslie Ash – Deborah


Channel: ITV
Written By: Simon Nye
Original Transmission Dates: 18th February – 24th March 1992


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