When The Kids Fly The Nest – There’s No Place Like Home

One of those many sitcoms pushed to the back burner of people’s minds.  No Place Like Home started out looking like a future classic, but like some other sitcoms it over ran and lost some of the great humour along the way.  Perhaps that’s why it’s found itself almost forgotten.

The series was about  a middle-aged couple who plan for a quiet life once their children have left home. Sadly, it is not to be.  No Place Like Home ran for five series between 1983 and 1987 (forty three episodes).


Arthur and Beryl Crabtree Having raised four children, Arthur and Beryl Crabtree are looking forward to the day when their time, once again would be their own. A second honeymoon is planned as the last of their offspring finally leave home.

However, their hopes are soon dashed as one by one the fledglings return to the nest, disillusioned with life in the outside world. For the children there was simply no place like home.

The kids are not the only ones disturbing the Crabtrees’ domestic bliss there was a fine comic turn from their nosy neighbours, the Bottings, particularly the shrieking, animal-loving Vera.







Arthur Crabtree   William Gaunt    1 to 5
Beryl Crabtree    Patricia Garwood    1 to 5
Nigel Crabtree    Martin Clunes    1 to 3
Nigel Crabtree    Andrew Charleson    4 to 5
Paul Crabtree    Stephen Watson    1 to 3
Tracy Crabtree    Dee Sadler    1 to 5
Lorraine Codd    Beverly Adams    1 to 5
Raymond Codd    Daniel Hill    1 to 4
Vera Botting    Marcia Warren    1 to 3
Vera Botting    Ann Penfold    5 only
Trevor Botting    Michael Sharvell-Martin    1 to 5
Roger Duff    Roger Martin    5 only


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Jon Watkins
Original Transmission Dates: 13th December 1983 – 27th October 1987


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