Nelson’s Column, 1994

One those ‘lost’? sitcoms i.e. it never gets a repeat and is largely pushed to the back of the cupboard.  This one ran for two series of six episodes each from 1994.


Gavin Nelson is a journalist with his own column (hence Nelson’s Column) in a local newspaper.

In and out of love with his two female co-workers, Gavin has a habit of biting off more than he can chew.







John Gordon-Sinclair – Gavin Nelson
Steven O’Donnell – Mike Walker
Sophie Thompson – Claire  Priddy
Elizabeth Counsell – Jackie Spencer
Camille Coduri – Lorraine White


Channel: BBC1
Created By: Susan Belbin
Written By: Paul Mayhew-Archer
Original Transmission Dates: 17th February 1994 – 31st July 1995

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