Love Thy Neighbour – Pilot Episode

Not So Much Forgotten, As Never Shown On TV!

Like many great TV shows Love Thy Neighbour started with a pilot episode, that was never broadcast.  Written by the same writers who scripted the series that followed it was recorded (we think) in 1972, but never broadcast on TV.

Although the script is fairly similar to the first episode of the TV series there are a number of notable differences mainly to the beginning.

The episode starts with Bill and Barbie buying a new house, the neighbours are on holiday.  Eddie and Joan have a car (they don’t in the series ).  Maple Terrace is a far nicer street in the pilot with flowers and trees in the front gardens, and not a gasometer in sight.

Before meeting the new neighbours Eddie goes next door and pinches the hydranga, hanging basket and garden gate.  Possibly the biggest difference is Eddie’s wife Joan is played by Gwendolyn Watts, who plays a more refined and glamorous version of Joan than Kate Williams’ version on TV.  Due to contractual obligations Watts was unable to commit to the series proper.


Bill and Barbie Reynolds have bought a new house, but have yet to meet the neighbours.  When neighbours Eddie and Joan Booth return from holiday they are pleased to see next door sold.  Eddie helps himself to a hydranga, hanging basket and garden gate before the arrival of the new neighbours.

The Booths are looking forward to meeting their new neighbours, but the Eddie’s excitement is short lived when he discovers just who has moved in next door…






Eddie Booth – Jack Smethurst
Joan Booth – Gwendolyn Watts
Bill Reynolds – Rudolph Walker
Barbie Reynolds – Nina Baden-Semper


Channel: Untransmitted
Written By: Harry Driver and Vince Powell